Stirling Related Links Page
revised 25 June, 2003

Koichi Hirata's Site the Major Stirling site:
Alyn Foundry sells a variety of gas, Stirling and Flame Licker engines:
The American Stirling Company:
University of Leipzig:
Bob Bailey's Bailey Craftsmen's Supply:
Bellacrega Engine Collection:
Wrench 10's external combustion survey:
Freebreeze Fans, for your stove top:
Grenning models, not necessarily Stirling:
RedRock Energy site, heavy duty technical info:
Jerry Howell's models are superb:
Leif Ahman's Swedish Stirling site:
the Model Engineer support page, general subjects from the UK:
A neat animation form the quiet Revolution Motor Co.:
Alex Zerawa's page, from Austria:
Bob Sier's page, now home of the British Stirling Engine Society:
John Brown's antique Stirling fan:
Lawrence Technological University Stirling Engine Senior Project:
Roger König & Jürgen Kraft make and sell beautiful engines!
Laken's Swedish site:
Stirling Technology, Inc.:
Don Isaac's Tamin Enterprizes:
Nyal McCabe's steam site, with plans!