6.3 liter Datsun!

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When the engine in my Datsun 240Z needed rebuilding, I got carried away.

I figured, "If some is good, more is better, and too much is just enough."

In its original configuration the engine had 6 cylinders inline and displaced 2.4 Liters.  Now it displaces 6.3 Liters (383 cu.in.) in a V-8 format.

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This photo shows the block having the main bearing caps align bored.  The center three two-bolt main bearing caps were replaced with four-bolt steel caps.

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Note the use of aluminum cylinder heads and water pump.  The finished engine weighs less than the original.

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There are some who suggest that this is really a small block Chevrolet with Datsun emblems on the valve covers.  I would never do such a thing. Honest