South Pointing Penguin

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How Does It Work?

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Wheel gear to side gear ratio = 1 : 1

Side gear to Cluster gear ratio = 1 : 1

Cluster gear to Center gear ratio = 2 : 1

Wheel diameter = 1/2 spacing between wheels

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The Side gear assemblies are keyed to the main axle by means of set screws, as shown in the photo below.


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p7c.jpg (3800 bytes) The Cluster gear assembly consists of two gears that are pinned together so that they rotate as one. It is free to "float" on the main axle.
p5c.jpg (10098 bytes) The main axle passes through,  and is free to rotate within, the plexiglass body.  Note the clearance hole in the Center gearshaft

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The wheels are free to rotate on the main axle. An "E" clip keeps them in place.

The net result of this geartrain is that the Penguin (the center gear) always points in the same direction.  Pulled forward, pushed backward, turned left or turned right the Penguin's orientation never changes.

Harry Siebert uncovered this clever design while researching South Pointing Chariots.

  Please visit "The Center for South Pointing Chariot Research and Development"