Other's Engines

Revised 15 June 2003

This page will feature engines that others have built, but that we have found interesting. Most will be unusual engines designed by their makers, so plans will generally not be available. With the maker's permission, we will include an email address or other contact information. Due to the quantity of material we have under this subject, this page will consist of links to our other pages as listed below.

We are quickly becoming a showplace for international modelers! It is very exciting for us to be able to show work from all around the world, but the very best part of this is the acquaintance with the modelers themselves. Thanks to many of them being conversant with English, and to language translation programs, the language barrier does not exist. We extend our heartiest thanks to all our contributors, and invite others to join in.

Latest addition is at the bottom of the column.

Roy and Richard

A new machinist, Ed Bashauer, has come to our attention! See his work here.

Alphonse Vassallo of San Francisco builds both Stirling and internal combustion engines. We visited him, and you can see his work here.

Craig Roop, an Auto Technician from Tulsa has just started building Stirlings, and he started with LTD engines! See his work here.

Leif Ahman, another Swedish correspondent went to a model show this spring and took some fabulous photos. See them here.
Bill Sondagh of the Netherlands sends us photos of his engines, including an animation of his BISON Stirling, complete with sound! Right here.
Daniel Lyonnet of France builds Stirlings with a difference - many of his engines display wooden linkage and other unusual materials in their construction. Check them out here.
Hubert Stierhof of Germany has designed a self-starting fluidyne engine, the Seesaw Stirling. He has generously provided construction details here.
John Horne, a student at DeKalb Tech has made a Stirling powered tractor from plans in Home Shop Machinist. It's beautiful! See it here.
William Gibson has made a Stirling Powered, South Pointing, Pop-up Dodecahedron that is sure to amaze! Right here.
Barry Dunman hails from South Africa, and claims to have few model engineering skills. Look here and I think you will disagree!
John Hastings hails from Bass River, Mass - on beautiful Cape Cod. John is a Stirling enthusiast, especially of Low Temperature Differential engines.